Wild Christ Home

(of the ancient Hebrew People)

Long times ago the living word of the Divine (Rhema) came by the breath of Life (Ruah) to inspired poetic souls who became prophets to the Hebrew people of their time. This living word was a movement of the eternal, infinite beauty of God into realization in the world.

The word came to poetic souls because they had the soul sensitivity to be attuned and opened to the Divine dimensions where poetry is the language of God and the essence of Life. By poetry I mean the way Life would talk in human language if Life had a voice; I mean where the entire Universe is seen as the rhythmic playground of Creative Wisdom and a storehouse of limitless God-created metaphors expressing the forms God Loves—forms that come out of the infinite and therefore forever point beyond themselves back into the unformed, the unknowable Ultimate Love cloaked in eternal silence.

Only love-drunk, life-filled poets could grasp the language of Life Itself, and touch the face of Living Existence in silence and song.

And the language of this people was Hebrew, and later the Aramaic of Christ, which are wide-open, poetic languages of limited vocabulary but limitless possible meanings. Because of this, the main spiritual exercise of ancient Middle-Eastern Jewish spirituality was chewing on prophetic sayings and inspired poems and discussing possibilities, and then personally ingesting gleaned realities that could unlock your soul—which often were the flip side of truths the person next to you needed to unlock their deep heart. This was in perfect harmony with the yin and yang of God, the two-sided sword of truth.

After seers, mystics and poets gave the word, it became the domain of left-brained religious scholars who dissected it and dissembled it in a more literalist form than was intended. As Jesus said to the religious guardians of his time, “You search the scriptures because you think they give you life, but they point to Me…” Christ, the voice of Life itself, the essence of infinite fields of Light. In typical left-brained processes they took the Living, Light-filled unfolding vision and cast it in cement: they thus killed the creative as they threw out the juice and clung to the empty glass which they incessantly polished. It was no accident that they then crucified the wild, free Word when it came incarnated as flesh—full of courage and compassion, burning with creative fury and joy.

What came from realms far beyond the orientation of ego they had reinterpreted in ego-oriented ways. Christ's Divine expansiveness threatened all shrunken, exclusive, ego-driven religious expression, so they had to try and repress Him, the irrepressible. And you know what happened next: kaboomba—Life burst death, Light shredded darkness.

But what happened to the wild explosion of Pure Life that took place after Christ burst through death by Love? The literalist and controllers reinterpreted the Divine mystic, the Son of Wild, Wise freedom to become Christ the ultimate egoist, the perfect all powerful absentee Emperor for empire builders. Egoless, limitless Love cares nothing for empires, especially religious ones, which being power driven and exclusive, fear-based and political are utterly contrary to Love’s free nature. Love seeks to cherish souls in the dignity and beauty of Divine Light. Love forever illuminates its harmonious nature through a rich diversity of knowing and expressing. Love liberates the imaginative, the playful and the free.

This point in human history seems like a very good time to wake up to the Wild Christ nobody owns. We need to open our hearts and become sensitized to the poetry and freedom of the Christ of the Universe who speaks out of the luminous fabric of Life itself: the Christ of galaxies, star fields, sun and moon, winds, waters, animals and birds… the Christ of trees and cows, of grass, human bodies and souls; this Christ who is the essence of innocence, the purity of consciousness who sees through forms to the formless, and forever listens to the Silence that is the round, radiant portal to God’s Bliss and Peace.

We need a new vision of Christ built on the foundation of the ancient languages, with the poetic openness and mystical richness inherent in them. We need to wake up to the profound spiritual reality of this Wild Christ as our Light of Life, forever alive in the deepest depths and highest heights of our Luminous being, just beyond the layers of dark sediments and painful illusions, insecurities and constrictive fears. We need an expansive and inclusive vision that eases up into our hearts and minds from the Holy Center of our being, that spills out of the open hearts of a free people—because this is the pathway to life as harmony, creative richness and joy-filled compassion. This is the luminous pathway to the harmony of social diversity soaked in Love and guided by Wisdom into peace.

Blake Steele


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