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The Wild and Joyous Birth of Christ
Poetry can speak directly, from Spirit to spirit, from the Great Heart
to our hearts, in the Life-filled, radiant language of the Soul.
Countless angels singing in the sky accompanied the birth of Christ. Now, if you have ever heard an angel singing in the sky, you probably know this can be quite a wild and ecstatic thing. It is pure joy singing pure Love in pure freedom. The nature of joy and freedom is often as not, downright humorous. I think it is a crime that we have no Christmas songs that express the rollicking joy and good humor of this momentous event. After all, the way Christ, the King of Love, was born in a "a dirty old stall" with God's smelly, raucous animals was completely contrary to everyone’s expectations, which is just the way the Wild Christ likes to be. So, let's take a good drink in word and sound of the joy of Christ making his "turn things upside down" entrance into this world.
Christ was born in a dirty old stall
"I know where I have come from, and where I am going."
"And...where I am going, you can come too!"

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