Wild Souls

Once in a while a book comes along that has the power to change our perception of ourselves, and our world. This is such a book, and the time is ripe for it.
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A New Vision

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Paperback - 385 pages
The Wild Christ Nobody Owns
A new vision of Divinity and us

If you have always felt something big was missing in life, and that there should be so much more, this story could well spin you around and bring to face to face with your own radiant freedom and beauty.

The major religions of the West were developed in ancient times by men who were extremely tribal and male dominant in their outlook. The result of this exclusivity and imbalance continues to profoundly affect our world today, and contributes, perhaps more than we realize, to a milieu of fear, conflicts and war. The Wild Christ presents Christ as one who stands outside of religion, a child of the Universe and master of Life, a brother of the sun and wind, sea, animals, fish and birds, whose passionate love and wonder regarding the miracle and unity of all existence infuses all that he does.

The story spans Christ’s entire life and is interwoven with the humor, drama, and tragedy of his family; the passion of his relationship with Mary Magdalene; and the laughter and tears of the fishermen, whores, and outcasts who were his closest friends. He fully embraces all natural aspects of life, and through his love and innocent wonder dispels the taboos regarding our bodies that still plague humanity with fear, guilt and shame. Throughout the story, the old patriarchal images of God are radically challenged and a wild, divine feminine beauty that pours through the Universe is glimpsed.

Perhaps God is, as the story portrays, the union of what seems like radical opposites in passionate love and freedom. Perhaps humanity, with all its diversity, actually is one great Life with many faces. If this is ultimate reality, as quantum physics now proclaims, then this new vision of Christ can help wake us up into a higher awareness that can transform our hearts — and thus our world.

The Wild Christ Nobody Owns, published by Gnosis Forlag of Denmark, was prereleased June 15, 2011. The official release date for international distribution is September 15, 2011.

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About the Author:

In 1966, while in Copenhagen, Denmark, Blake Steele experienced a powerful spiritual awakening of love and Divine Presence. This led to further experiences of the open, spiritual nature of the Universe while sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, and then, while living with peasants on an island in Greek, a transcendent state called by the Raja yogic masters of India, Nirvikalpa Samadhi in which the radiant ground of existence is revealed.

Returning to America he became deeply involved in the Christ-centered Charismatic revival of the late sixties, and witnessed miraculous healings, including a child being raised from the dead. During this time he experienced an intense visionary encounter with Jesus at a monastery near Santa Barbara, California.

Since then he has explored many aspects of Christian and Catholic mysticism, yoga, Buddhism, Zen, Daoism and Shamanism. He now lives in Europe and focuses his life on writing, recording, spiritual workshops, and communion with the Divine in silence, creativity, and Nature.

He has written three thousand poems and four novels, produced twenty Cds, created eight web sites of his work, collaborated on choral pieces, and given over two hundred public recitals of poetry and song. The Wild Christ Nobody Owns is his eighth book in print.

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Feedback on The Wild Christ Nobody Owns

I have finished The Wild Christ and from beginning to end I have been enlightened lifted and healed. This is beautiful.... Truly, truly spiritual and divine… I feel like a well of living water has been dripped slowly over every inch of my being. I don’t feel ashamed any more to feel sensual & sexy... to embrace my body with a gentle laughter knowing I am loved and cherished.
Donna Lindsay

The Wild Christ has become like a catalyst for something that was long coming and preparing itself for me…. I know I will not be thinking about things in the same way as I used to ever again.
Anna Morraova

Blake Steele has managed to write a very rich book about the life of Christ - and a page-turner although we all know the story. I loved the parts where sexuality and spirituality come together in such sweet innocence - beautifully described and inspiring for all of us. I simply could not put the book down - surprisingly interesting and exciting. Thank you!
Eva Sanner
Author and couples’ therapist, Sweden

"It was a privilege as well as a deeply moving experience reading your manuscript... this story is beautifully, colourfully, passionately, wildly told and will, I'm sure, touch the hearts and souls of many... Read it - especially if you are not religiously inclined or even if you are.... One cannot fail to be touched to the core by the humanity and the magic of the great gift of the message of compassion, acceptance, love of self and the Other that shines through every word, phrase and chapter... whatever your beliefs or non-beliefs... stretch your self-openness a little further and read one of the greatest Love stories of all time."
Michael Vanderosen

I read some in Your wonderful book everyday and its a precious delight – it’s really food for the Soul - its poetry in a whole book - so beautiful!! Thank You again.
Light and Love,

“I have the warmest feeling of being steeped in LOVE when I read it. It is a treasure chest.”
Linda Lovett

"The Wild Christ" novel is soooo beautiful! thank you from the heart of hearts for this love!
Sky Akasha Tobias

Through these wildly radiating words your own heart shines back at you reminding you of your true nature.

Comments about other work of Blake Steele

This is so beautiful, I cannot stop reading it—at first gulping it down like a favorite common drink. Then, reading again, one phrase behind another…a sip of rare tea , burning the tongue and sliding past teeth to the place where satisfaction dwells.

Blake, this had me in tears…deeply heartfelt…STUNNING write and artistry! Thank you for being such a beautiful soul!

Sometimes you remind me of Walt Whitman…really, such power, and passion. You are lyrically imposing in your free verse and feeling, with such tenderness… and a toughness that is your stern mind.
Rosa Cobbs

I am madly in love with life, and the seeds and sparks of Passion I find all around me…often in the form of a beautiful soul I encounter along the way…certainly dear Blake, in you…both Poet and Muse.
Cheryl Anne

Ah Blake, you delight my soul…. yes!!!! I salute your living hungry thriving explosive gentle tender, seeing, heart…
Karen Kotze, Poet
South Africa

You dont know me but your words have helped me more than you will ever know. So just wanted to say a big thank you and be forever blessed by limitless love. You helped me move out of religion and into belief and wonder. thank you.
Donna Lindsay

Such beautiful words, Blake. On a rainy late summer’s night in Ontario, alone with the call of the loons on the lake, you’ve taken me straight to Yes.
Jenny Douglas

I was tremendously blessed by your spiritual growth series. Thank you for answering God's call and being a blessing to humanity.
Okocha, Florence 

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