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It is only a helpless victim that needs a savior. Christ became the helpless victim with us and for us in order to be the savior who saves us from what? From being what he became, the helpless victim.

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

This cry of Christ from the cross is the cry of a helpless, abandoned victim… the ultimate martyr, the willing victim.

Now, if we truly “get it” we will step out of the victim role altogether and “put on Christ” as St. Paul put it, not as a victim, but a conqueror. We will step from victim to king, to queen, in other words into an empowered divine royalty: a grace, a strength, a confidence and sweetness of being that is free from all victim bondage energies.


“Don’t you know that you are kings?” Paul asked. “Test yourselves. Don’t you know that Jesus Christ is in you?” And in another place he writes, “Christ is our Life…”

Now if all this is ultimately true — we are saved, past tense, we are royal beings right now, our truest life is the Light of the World, the Way of Life, the lasting reality of Life, Divine and eternal Life itself — then what is the problem? For one thing many of us are still trapped in Newtonian spatial thinking, and the very language of religious tradition in many ways encourages and causes us to think spacially. We conceive of God/Christ as “out there” and must come “in here” for us to be saved. But that is wholly an illusion of our time/space brains. Distance in the spirit world is not a time/space continuum but rather a frequency rate. God’s highest, most pure frequency is way, way higher than ours. But God is able to also come to us, right where we are, and lift our frequency rate. This is salvation in the truest meaning of that word: it is a resonance with, or union with God that makes us a free flowing expression of the Divine Nature.


“Arise and shine for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”

There can be no question that this is freely possible. How can we be invited to arise and shine if we can’t do it? It doesn’t say, God will do it for you, it just says do it. So we can arise and shine by simply practicing opening ourselves to God's presence and allowing our frequency rate to arise, for that is what arise means. The shining then takes care of itself for on a higher frequency rate Light is forever shining.

This arising and shining is a call from the Great Freedom to a free people: "Arise and shine." It is simple and direct. The helpless victim mode is over and dead: Christ enacted it out powerfully to snap us out of that mode. Needing a savior is true only if we are stuck in the victim mode: once out of it we don’t need a savior, the helplessness of the victim is done, it is gone, it is no more, and with it the accusation, the guilt, shame, anger, and everything else that is generated in the state of frustrated helplessness.


It is not humility to remain in the victim mode: frusrated, confused, helpless. Healthy humility is openness to God, tenderness of heart to the infinite tenderness of the Divine, and passion to see everyone arising and shining in Love and freedom.


Let’s arise every day. We can practice it. We can wash in Spirit through very simple, easy to do exercises, and then go out to live life fully and freely, trusting in the divine resonance and the fact that we are loved, cherished, connected, at one with the Wild, free, creative, luminous Christ. We were all "saved" a long, long time ago, by Christ from the victim mentality he became for us into this free and beautiful Being he now is, forever. Right now, we are in God and God is in us, closer than our breathing, nearer than hands or feet, in all the empty spaces, in the infinite emptiness of pure Potential every atom vibrates in. The "void" is packed with liberating power. This is resurrection and Life in our flesh and bones, now, forever real.

Note: Spiritual Practice

Christian tradition has focused on prayer (talking to God), scripture reading, fellowship and service and left out the primal unitive practice know as “Waiting on God.” The Hebrew meaning of that term is to know nothing, to go beyond mental concepts and limits, to twin together with the Divine, to unite. Tradition has also never developed the meaning of the Seven Flamed candelabra, the Menorah in the holy place of the temple. Our body is the temple and there are Seven Flames to be lit in it.

Waiting on God in order to weave your being with His Being on your soul level and lighting all 7 Flames of God in your body are two powerful practices for rising and shining.

For these and many other free spiritual practice resources you are warmly invited to visit and explore The Inner Healing Center. All Love and good to you in the freedom of grace.

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