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From the reports of people who have been to higher worlds the Unified Being of God is composed of an infinite variety of unique expressions, or children of the One. Each child of God is an unique expression of God and is God, but it is also a unique being with its own personality and life history. All these unique souls give an infinite variety of expressions to the One Great Soul of all. God is Love, and Love is this Unity of Being in diversity and diversity in Unity: the Elohim of the Bible. Love is the harmonious cohesion, the beauty, freedom and joy that all share. The interrelationship of all these unique aspects of the One in Love is the feast of God, the wedding feast of Christ.

It also seems that each soul is part of a living Master Soul composed of many souls. There are an infinite number of Master Souls in God's One Soul. Each is a soul family. We all have a soul family we are part of. From one perspective, all the souls in that family are unique individuals. From another they are all One Divine Being in many forms. Both perspectives are true at the same instant. Seeing all souls as one Being in many forms is the basis of the belief in reincarnation, for the one Being is living many lives simultaneously. Seeing each soul as a unique personality that is liberated into endless Life is the basis of believing in a more Christian idea of soul and salvation. Both are equally true. It only depends on what level your awareness is focused.
In this symbolic illustration the center is pure God, formless, infinite, eternal. Within the gold and white circle represents the eternal world and outside life in time/space. The circle that separates the two worlds has both image substance (dreams and visions, etc.) and is pure essence, void of all form. The little circles are individual souls. Some are home in the real, eternal world. Others are in the time space continuum. They may be living at the same time, or different times of human history, but from the eternal perspective all is happening at once. All lives in time/space are happening now even though separated by years in Earth time.

Some souls in time/space are very shadowed; others have less shadow, but all have the Light in their deep, true center. The shadow is the pain body formed by the illusion of separation from Infinite Love and the grief, or soul pain, this causes. This pain is very intense and we build many defenses around it. Those with less shadow have either had easier lives, have less sense of separation, or have done soul work to face the pain and melt away the illusion of separation and thus the grief. This overcoming the illusion and pain of separation is what we call enlightenment, or holiness, and is the most valuable form of spiritual growth.
This illustration may also help you get a better sense of the mystery of Unity and uniqueness. Each soul is a unique, genuine being with its own personality and history and thus able to love others with real, selfless Love. Each soul on the outside, in its deepset essence, is just as much at home as those in the eternal world — and just as much God. A cup of God is just as much God as the entire Ocean of God.

Each soul in the eternal home loves the center, Pure God, Pure Light, its truest Being, its truest freedom, with all its being, and all other souls as itself. In truth all other souls are itself, but only from the perspective of the Light, the Oneness that is the Life of all lives. When awareness rests here, in the Center, each soul is seen as a unique expression of Itself. All are actually the One Being in various forms, the Life of all lives, the Soul of each soul.

This is where Christ was speaking from, for the One Light is Christ. And the One Light is pure, unconditional Love loving all expressions equally as, in truth, expressions of His essence, His Pure Being, His divine Self.

"I am the vine, you are the branches." "In that day you will know I am in you and you are in me." "I am the Light of the world..." "You are the Light of the World..." etc.

All are in truth, the body of the One Life, the body of Christ. This reality overflows all earthly containers, such as churches or religious beliefs. Someone who doesn't at some point in time even believe in God is just as much a part of the body of Christ as one who is very aware and close to the Light. They are just in a shadow phase.

"In as much as you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me."

The One Light, the Divine Self, is the savior of all. It is only the Pure Unconditional Love and acceptance radiantly shining from the center that gives us the Love to find our way home. Love is the path and the destination, and this Love comes from "above" or from the deepest center, the essence that is Pure Being, purely Divine. We cannot manufacture this Love. We open up and receive it. It is our True Being. This is salvation in the real meaning of the word: we love because we are loved completely and unconditionally, and this Love alone opens us to the Infinite Source of Pure Love and makes us free.

To find a way to live this Divine Soul pattern out on earth and to enrich the One Life all share is the most satisfying life we can lead. This is the basis of the joyous unity experienced in Spirit-filled church services, spiritual workshops and festivals, spirit-centered dance, holy rituals and drum circles, etc. It is also an authentic spiritual pattern for rich communal life on Earth in the coming age.

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