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All I remembered was the sensation of almost being pulled into a vacuum that seemed like a tunnel. I could see lights flying by me as if I was traveling even when it felt like a vacuum at the same time. Then I emerged from the tunnel into an indescribable place of peace and tranquility. There was the most beautiful Being of White Light there. With the level of understanding I had at the time, I saw that he took on an image so that I could relate and feel comfortable but that his true essence was Light and Love.

He appeared to me as an older man with long gray hair and a beard. But what stood out above anything else was that he loved me unconditionally. The feeling of being in his presence was something that felt like I was "home"-in a sense that I had never known. I saw that my true essence was also this energy of love but as he reviewed my life with me, I received the understanding that I was the one who removed myself from the benefits and bliss of love by the anger I felt over some experiences I had had growing up. I saw how important it is to project feelings of love instead of the energy I was projecting through my emotions and feelings about life. I saw how others either benefit from my energy or they are negatively affected by it. I also came to an understanding that heaven isn't a place you are admitted to but it is a frequency that you attain. Being in the presence of White Light was "heaven." It was more than the greatest feeling I had ever experienced or dreamed was possible. Having that feeling again became what I wanted to strive for, not going to a place. The feeling, the energy I was experiencing became "the place."

I understood that you take yourself with you everywhere you go. What must change in order to experience the higher frequencies of love, peace, joy, bliss and the tranquility I was a part of in that experience, is a person's own consciousness. They must truly become what they want to have and be.

So I begged for the opportunity to go back and do just that. I only wanted to come back because I understood that my consciousness at the time didn't mesh with the unconditional love I was experiencing. Therefore I knew that although it wasn't intended as punishment, I couldn't maintain that frequency that was allowing me to feel the bliss temporarily. I knew that somehow, I had to raise my vibration and become more loving in order to experience this indescribably love on a permanent basis. These are the concepts that are difficult to explain because it wasn't conveyed to me in words. It was an understanding that spoke to me in a way that I could relate to. But it was never conveyed as judgment or with the intention of creating fear of punishment. This White Light wasn't capable of anything but Love because that was truly the essence, 100% the vibration of what it was. To create fear of punishment would have reduced the vibration of love and that was impossible for this Being of True Love to do. With the insight I was given, I understood more about how things work and I wanted to do better, not out of fear but because of love.

It made so much sense over there and it seemed so easy. Then I "came to" in the hospital days later with the memory of that experience and the feeling that the life around me, the physical objects and things I could see, were very inconsequential and unimportant. This physical life I found myself back in could be compared to a speck of sand on the beach-just a very small part of something much bigger. Things that once had all of my focus and attention now seemed so tiny as I thought about the big picture. All I wanted to do was get back to where I had been during my death experience. I knew that to do that, I had to change.

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