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Two Great Wild Christ Truths
Jesus was wild with Love. He was wide open to the God of Life and saw the darkness that bound people’s hearts and minds with piercing clarity. He was pure of heart and saw God, and God filled his body with Light, no part dark.
His teachings revealed his being.
He was meek of heart… gentle and kind. God softens us and makes us that way for God is gentle, like a child’s breath, like a shy woman’s heart-felt kiss. Christ’s passion was for what is straight, clear, untwisted and real.
He said to the religious leaders they were standing in the very door of Life but not entering and therefore hindering others from entering. This is the trap of religion because it is the trap of our own, illusionary natures. Religious stories can open the door of Life to us, and then we don’t pass through, for to pass through we must let go of the stories, move beyond them in a very real sense, in order enter the spiritual substance of freedom, the living principles they portray.

Reality is beyond our mind, beyond the religious stories our mind holds onto for security, beyond atoms, beyond an infinite Creation, for the Source of all is beyond all, as it must be. No "thing" can be the Source of all. But Being might. The door is wide open to the living substance of Existence. Will we pass through?
Jesus proclaimed good news, really, really good news which is the meaning of the word gospel. We have lost the impact of his joy, his fiery inspiration, his passionate cry, “Believe this good, good, news. Accept as true the “Gospel of God”. And what is this good news that made him a threat to the status quo of his time, a truth so good that it was ultimately dangerous to the familiar misery that sustains so much of the functioning of this world?
The Heaven of Divine happiness is right here. God is right here, everywhere, right now. We are all in God. God is in us all. God is the Light that births Love and joy. “This Light is shining in the darkness (of our minds) and the darkness can never drag it down.”

"You are the Light of the world..." St. Matthew
We are the Light of the World in the same way he said he is the Light of the World. We are Light in our essence. Subtract all misconceptions, subtract emotional trauma and defense mechanisms, subtract beliefs that turn us against the way Life actually is and there is only Light, the Light of Life, the Light of awareness, the Light of Peace, the Light both God and we are. In this Light we come home, we are One.

“This is the message we have heard from him, God is Light and there is no darkness in Him at all…” St. John
If 100 people studied the New Testament with the intention to open up to the Living Universe rooted in Divine Being they might all be drawn to different truths in the stories that were key to their progression into spiritual freedom. It is this way because each heart has its own patterns and so takes a special relationship with reality to interface with it — connect in such a way that brings unfoldment.
For me, the two great truths of Christ’s very, very good news that continue to nourish and liberate me are expressed in the New Testament concepts of justification and salvation: two very religous sounding terms, but still packed with potential power. They can only be rightly understood within an ancient context.

The death of Christ is hard for many modern people to grasp. It was in a real way his enactment of ancient patterns of sacrificial approaches to God and the gods. This was the powerful paradigm of his time, and he keyed into it in order to turn people's understanding upside down and transform the ancient world—which is just what happened. For thousands of years people had made sacrifices in order to win the favor of the gods. Then Christ comes and sacrifices himself as God in a body to win the people's hearts and release floodtides of favor: a complete reversal. St. Paul realized the significance of this wild act and passionately proclaimed, Christ died to justify and arose to save. His death justified all mankind. His resurrection is the free flowing power of triumphant Life that can energize and illuminate us. In other words, set us free.

To justify means to proclaim innocent: it is the accused standing before the judge and the judge saying, "Not guilty. Don't just stand there. Go on home now. You are free."
To me one of the most profound things Christ ever said was, “If the Son of Man sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
The first word translated as free that Jesus used means there is no price to pay. All debts are fulfilled. Everything is perfectly taken care of. There is nothing to do except accept the gift, realize the gift, become free in the gift. His passion is for our freedom. The second word for free means to be let loose from confinement and run wildly, joyously free. This means becoming unbound, free flowing, flooded with joy because there is nothing to do. There are no conditions: none at all. No prayers to make. No churches to join. Nothing except to allow it; to accept this freedom. This means letting go of all concepts contrary to this fact. This means give up judging yourself and stop accepting as valid your deep instinctual feeling that says, 'but you did wrong so you must pay the price.' There is no price to pay. Approach freedom. You have no karmic debt. Zero. You are free in God’s eyes because God is free and sees everything as free and that is what counts for God is the ground of your Being, my being, all being.

“God was in Christ, redeeming the world, not counting their transgressions against them.” St. Paul
The world is already home in God’s heart. You are already home in God's heart. The world is pure and beautiful, in God’s pure and beautiful eyes. You are pure and beautiful in God's pure and beautiful eyes. Arise to the fact by letting go of contrary notions that hold you down. We are like balloons. Our nature is to arise but we have many sandbags tied on by our deep instinctual sense that when a wrong is done there is a price to pay. This is the very essence of Karmic debt. Throw these burdens off, because now they are all beside the point. The karmic way of being makes no sense if actually there is no one or nothing to pay.
But what about our problems: what about the lies we have told, the people we owe money to, the ones we have hurt? What we must do is stop the familiar patterns of our anxious lives and put first things first: first become free, and then in freedom you will know just what to do. Trying to fix things apart from this emergent lightness of being just doesn’t work. We each must learn this for ourselves and come to the place where we are ready to move out into whole new life dynamics. Do the karmic dance of cause and effect if you want, or step out into a new spiritual freedom. Your new sense of inner freedom will give you clarity regarding the challenges of your life. What is right is what is free. What is true is what is innocent. Be who you really are in God’s luminous, laughing eyes and Life will start working.
Salvation in the Hebrew means to be opened wide and free. In fact Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus, means the one who has been opened wide and made free by God. To accept that we are, in our deepest essence in God and innocent, just as we are, leads to our hearts opening like a tight bud blooms. We grow more and more open and free… in other words, saved. In the arms of Divine acceptance we are safe at last to open the tenderest center of our hearts. In this opening we become once more like happy children, sensitive and responsive to Life, just as it is, flowing and unfolding in the eternal moment. Our energies become unblocked from those very familiar primal anxieties linked to our deep instinctual grief of feeling disconnected from the whole great harmony of the dance of Existence. We become open wide to the mystery and beauty of Life in the present moment.

When you open a window there is nothing in the window space but openness. There is no obstruction to the free movement of air: the wind blows through. This openness of the spiritual center of our heart allows what is in us that is deeper than thought or emotion to flow through the “backdoor” of our soul. Something moves through from beyond our awareness to flood our awareness. And it is Presence; it is Love in action; it is creative inspiration… it is joy! And a deep stillness, for openness is emptiness and emptiness is unwavering peace.
Openness is resting in nothing of this world. It is resting in a substance of reality that is intimately here, in the spaces within and between atoms. According the Quantum Physics, for every one part energy particles there are 9,999 parts of some substance we can’t find. What if, as Christ and all holy people of God have said for centuries, this missing substance is Pure Being? What if it is divine Light beyond atoms? What if it is God? That would mean we are 9,999 parts God's Presnece to 1 part us. I am 1 part solid energetic patterns (atoms) and 9,999 parts empty, open, spacious Light. Openness  rests in this fact.

Our mind is conditioned to think otherwise because we are aware of sensory illusions of solidness and not of the Light we actually are. But this open, spacious Light is reality. In accepting this overwhelming majority of open, spacious God things shift inside. What we value shifts. We stop looking outside for what we are in our essence. We find ways to connect to our own Source through simply breathing which teaches us to continually take in freshness and let go of toxins; through heart-felt prayer; through wise practices of awareness. We come to rest in this silent space that has opened within and through which everything we have been looking for pours. Real Love pours through. Peace of heart and mind pours through. A deep abiding sense of security rests there. Joyous freedom floods through, sometimes in uncontrollable laughter.
To be free is to be spontaneous with Love, clear with Light, outflowing and knowing what actions will lead to more Love, more healing, more truthfulness in the world. To be free is to resonate with God’s freedom that we almost entirely are. It is to fall in Love with what we all most instinctively value: those beautiful qualities of freedom that shine into us from God like light and heat radiate from the sun.
Pay Attention to Your Instinct to Be Free

Do you want to be free? Do you want Love working in your mind as creative inspiration, goodness, beauty and joy? Do you want to feel safe at last because you are reconnected to Life? To you want to be true to your most genuine self? Do you want to be courageous because you know you are trusting what is real? If you sense a deep yes, please pay attention to that. It is the voice of your soul, your essential being, your pathway home.
We are justified, seen and treated as innocent as a gift in order to be opened and made free. We are innocent in Innocent Eyes: not because of anything we have done or can do, but in spite of everything. We have returned to the primal innocence of Life as pure Light in the heart of our hearts and discovered, we are that. We are beautiful in eyes that see only beauty. We are forgiven by One Great Oceanic, free flowing Being. Simply accepting these truths as fact is the pathway of Christ's radically, revolutionary salvation.


There is so much spiritual help available for you through all the Wild Christ sister sites. The Inner Healing Center, for example, has many simple and powerful spiritual practices that will help you open and stay open.

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