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The Wild Christ
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Blake Steele

This is a celebration of the mysticism of the Aramaic Jesus and the glory of the risen Christ of Divine Love and freedom: the Wild Christ who is the formative Light and Wisdom of star-fields, and of every atom and quark of this limitless Universe in all its beauty.

Jesus thought and spoke in Aramaic. It is a language of limited vocabulary where one word could have multiple meanings. This gave it a poetic fluidity and expansiveness. An ancient spiritual practice was to consider all the possible meanings of the words of a prophet or spiritual mystic and then to hold to your heart what was most meaningful for your life.
Possible Meanings
Here are recordings of two possible renderings of the Lord's Prayer and the Beatitudes of Jesus from the Aramaic words and their roots that will give you a whole new sense of His inclusive Love.
For Lord's Prayer and Beatitudes
For more audios of liberating sayings of Jesus
Articles about an awareness that reunites Christ and the Universe
and a free poetic language to express the free Life of God.
"The Wild Christ"
Wild Words
Innocent & Free
Wild Words Poems
Victim or King
Visual Meditations on the Beauty and Power of Christ
The Limitless Love of the Risen Christ: Near Death Experiences
Perhaps one of the best ways to get a sense of the glory of the risen Christ is to read the visions of those who have seen Him first hand. Here are some contemporary near death experiences of the power and Love of the One who has conquered everything in the Spiritual World and is the essence of compassion and freedom. There are countless near death experiences chronicaled on the Internet. Links at the bottom of this page connect to a couple of good sites.

If you read a rich variety of near death experiences it is pretty natural to come to the conclusion that God is universal and much more expansive and all embracing than most traditional religious belief systems allow. This does not necessarily mean that all belief systems are equally luminous—for me, the grace of Christ is extreme—but rather that universal Love is the Law and essential reality of the Divine, no matter what we think. I have chosen a few that focus specifically on encounters with Christ. There are many very interesting things shared. I trust you will take to heart what fills you with Light and Love.

Short Audio Recordings
Of Other Near Death Testimonies
Insights from NDE
on Soul and Soul Family
For Healing visit the free On-line Healing in Christ Workshop.
And also check out these Wild Christ sister sites, full of spiritual inspiration and resources to bring more Light, Love and spiritual freedom into your life and thus the world.


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