The Source of all Exisitence is One, an unbroken field of Pure Being, empty of all things, the Essence of all. This is the reality that science is inching towards: the Unified Field that ultimately, makes sense of everything. It is a reality beyond all human thoughts, for thought can merely point to realities that can only be known through the opening of our awareness into higher, purer, freer states of being.

Being beyond all thought and form, Ultimate Reality is beyond all religions, both of the East and West: and this is very good news, because it puts all humanity on a common base. We can become One in the essence of No-Thing, the Ground of all Being, everywhere present, permiating everything. And we can become One in celebration of the warm, loving, super-human essence of Pure Being, the Great, inteligent Oneness we call God... We really can pass beyond the divisions of the past into a new future, full of Love, sensitive awareness and true Peace.

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