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The Lord's Prayer
from the Aramaic
The Beatitudes of Christ:
from the Aramaic
Radiant One, who births light into form, who is shinning your light everywhere, may your Light find sacred space in us.

Come through the ways that open Life fully, with the great Yes, the Yes of unity that we all can share.

May the desire that flows from your nature be expressed on earth, through our consistent intention as it is manifest where Light first becomes form.

Birth Life into the circle of our day through a warm and passionate understanding, and embrace us back to innocence from the tangled webs of our misguided deeds, as we release into innocence those who have burdened our lives with their offenses.

Do not let us be seduced by the illusions that lead us away from the purpose of our lives, but break the seals of what binds us from fully ripening.

For yours are the fertile fields sufficient to ripen everything, and the generative fire of the song that astonishes us as its glorious harmony brings your Light and sound within us, through all of the times in which we are gathered to you.

Oh, Yes, Yes, completely Yes,
from the Source of our being...

Blessed are those who are resting in the round fluid enclosure of spirit, for theirs is the ability and opportunity in a universe filled with the One breath of Life.

Blessed are those who grieve for what they long for, for they shall return to see the face of what they desire as they are united by Love.

Healthy are those who have softened what was unnaturally rigid within, who have liquefied all moral heaviness and the interior pain of unfulfilled desires, for they shall be open to God working through all Creation.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, who watch eagerly by lamplight during the night, for the justice of what is naturally stable, straight and true, for they shall be enriched by birthing.

Attuned with the One and healthy are those who birth compassion from the womb of their innermost being, for they shall feel its warm arms embrace them.

Healthy and happy are those with a consistent electrifying purpose radiating from their expansive heart of Love, for they shall see the One great Love everywhere.

Blessed are they who are committed in their actions to produce health, happiness and mutual harmony, for they shall become living fountains of God.

Blessed are they who feel dislocated because of their commitment to what is straight, fair, upright and true, for their new home is in the royalty and power of the Light of the Universe.

Blessed are you who are misrepresented, misunderstood, reviled and shamed, being labeled as immature and corrupt for my sake... do everything to the extreme, drink the joyous wine that makes your ego disappear, for your expanded abundance is great in the realms of Light, for so they shamed those whose ecstatic visions produced outwardly what they held so richly within.
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